Sarcosuchus Simulator v1.1.2

Sarcosuchus Simulator 1.1.2

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Imagine yourself as Sarcosuchus, the invincible ancient king of the Jurassic wilderness. In the game “Sarcosuchus Simulator,” you are not just a player, but also the master of this amazing prehistoric world. Every second in this game is a thrilling journey, where you have to survive as long as possible. Hunting other dinosaurs, maintaining your health and energy by eating and drinking, is an important part of your journey. In this vast world, every corner offers new surprises and challenges. Are you ready to face the mighty Iguanodon or the cunning Dilophosaurus? Each encounter is a test of your strength and ingenuity.

What’s interesting about “Sarcosuchus Simulator” is not only the action and adventure, but also the realism it offers. You’ll experience a realistic day and night cycle, complete with accurate sun and moon positions based on latitude and longitude. Imagine experiencing the changing seasons and different weather, from sunny to stormy, all of which affect your survival strategy. Stunning graphics bring you closer to this unspoiled Jurassic world. Dynamic shadows, high-resolution textures and realistic dinosaur models make the game feel more alive. Plus, there are a variety of skills you can develop as the game progresses, adding layers of strategy and personalization to your gaming experience. In “Sarcosuchus Simulator,” every decision you make not only affects your survival, but also plunges you into a world rich in detail and full of wonder.

MOD Info v1.1.2:

  1. Unlimited Coins (Make a Purchase to See the Money Reflected)
  2. Attack Multiplier
  3. Unlimited Mana
  4. No Skill Cooldown
  5. Unlimited Skill Points ( Kill an Enemy to Get the Points )
  6. Increase Level (Use Only Once, Because If You Use It More Times the Game May Crashkill an Enemy to Get the Level)
  7. Speed Multiplier 0x200x (By Increasing Speed It Can Give You the Ability to Even Almost Fly)
  8. No Ads

How to Install Sarcosuchus Simulator MOD

  • Download file "sarcosuchus simulator v1.1.2.apk" and proceed with its installation on your gadget.
  • Navigate to Menu > Settings > Security > and toggle on the option for unknown sources, this allows your device to install apps from providers other than the Google Play Store.
  • Next, get the obb file, handle any zip file extraction if required, and then duplicate it into the "SD/Android/obb" directory.
  • Finally, commence with the games execution.

Download Sarcosuchus Simulator APK MOD for Android

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