Caves of Lore v1.2.0.9

Caves of Lore

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Caves of Lore is an intricately designed, turn-based CRPG that immerses players in a world of fantasy and strategy. Set in a pixel-art universe, the game masterfully blends environmental exploration with rich character interactions, creating a deeply engaging narrative. Players are tasked with maneuvering through a series of challenging grid-based tactical battles, where strategic thinking and careful planning are key to victory. The game’s core mechanics revolve around a capacity for six-party characters, each bringing their unique abilities and traits to the fore. This diverse character system allows players to customize their party, tailoring strategies to suit various combat scenarios.

The game boasts an expansive universe filled with over 65 spells, 65 abilities, and 65 traits, offering a vast array of tactical options. Players encounter over 50 distinct monsters and interact with more than 40 NPCs, each adding depth and complexity to the game’s rich storyline. Caves of Lore includes over 30 quests, providing players with numerous challenges and adventures. The world comprises more than 20 unique areas, each meticulously designed to offer a distinct exploration experience. Additionally, the game features hundreds of items, with tens of thousands of enchantment combinations, allowing for the creation of a wide range of powerful artifacts. This extensive customization and variety ensure that each playthrough of Caves of Lore offers a unique and captivating experience, appealing to both fans of classic CRPGs and newcomers to the genre.

MOD Info v1.2.0.9:

  1. After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu, where you can enable a large number of skill points and abilities (use before starting a new game; points can be spent by clicking on the character icon on the right side of the screen).

How to Install Caves of Lore MOD

  • Download file "caves of lore v1.2.0.9.apk" and proceed with its installation on your gadget.
  • Navigate to Menu > Settings > Security > and toggle on the option for unknown sources, this allows your device to install apps from providers other than the Google Play Store.
  • Next, get the obb file, handle any zip file extraction if required, and then duplicate it into the "SD/Android/obb" directory.
  • Finally, commence with the games execution.

Download Caves of Lore APK MOD for Android

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